Vanessa strongly believes in the importance of helping individuals to meet their potential in order to live happy, fulfilling, meaningful lives.

Having lived in the Marshall Islands, New England, Canada, Florida and the Northern Mariana Islands before settling in Maui in 2003, she has experience in working with individuals from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds. 

She has worked in primary care, hospital, school and community-based settings.  She has a deep understanding of the importance of meeting the client’s concerns in a timely, compassionate manner that fits the client’s abilities, beliefs and cultural values. 

Vanessa J Ince, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

· Psychological evaluations for children and adults

Vanessa Ince, PhD., is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and member of the National Register of Health Service Psychologists who has been practicing since 1994. She has extensive experience working with children, particularly those with unique and special needs, as well as adolescents, adults, and couples. 

Vanessa has expertise in working with most DSM-5 diagnoses, including:

· ​​Depression
· Anxiety/Phobias/OCD
· Eating Disorders
· Relational and Family Problems
· Trauma/PTSD
· Parenting
· Autism Spectrum Disorders

· Gender Dysphoria


· ​Bipolar Disorder
· Behavior & Developmental Disorders

· Chronic Medical Problems

· Occupational Problems
· Stress Management
· Chronic Pain
· Grief
· Aging

· Insomnia